Boca Raton Garden Club


 Calendar for 2018 - 2019


Speakers for 2019 Season



Tuesday, January 8           January General Meeting         1:00 pm

“Basics of a Flower Show”    Rebecca Stallard and Lenore Alford 
plus "Miniature Gardens"      Denise Garcia: 


Tuesday, February 5         February General Meeting       1:00 pm

“The Crockett Foundation: How it impacts Children’s Lives with After-School Programs in Academic Areas”

 Henri Crockett, Founder and President of the Crockett Foundation


Tuesday, March  5             March General Meeting           1:00 pm

"Art in the Garden"

Joyce Rosselli

Tuesday, April 2                April General Meeting              1:00 pm

“Sprouts:  The most Nutritious Food on the Planet”

Sean Herbert, Got Sprouts?

Tuesday, May 7                 May  General Meeting              1:00 pm

"Growing and Maintaining African Violets”

Martha Spyridon, African Violet Society


Tuesday, June  2               June General Meeting             11:00 am

Officers’ installation Luncheon